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You might remember back last autumn we tried an innovation experiment with The Children’s Society up in Newcastle.

Could a team of street magicians engage more people and get more of them to volunteer personal contact details (for future marketing) than traditional street fundraisers.

The answer is yes.

Here’s a little recap.

The street magicians were making things disappear to drive up awareness of the 400+ children and teenagers that runaway and disappear in Newcastle every year. It was also designed to drive up awareness of the The Children’s Society SCARPA project which supports children at risk of sexual exploitation in the city.


A trio of street magicians performed in 7 days of activity to around 5000 Newcastle residents engaging them with the charity’s story – and an amazing 1264 of them volunteered their details by mobile phone (which was written into the 3-4 minute act).

This approach turns out to be incredibly attractive to the next generation of givers, with approximately 50% of the people volunteering their contact details being under 35.

When you’re planning your next street fundraising campaign why not try some new forms of engagement which bring alive the issues and stories you care about in a different way.


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