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the children's society

We developed a new way of engaging under 40’s on the street for The Children’s Society using street magicians to solicit contact details.

Described as ‘the most exciting innovation in giving in the last 5 years’ by evaluators, this ‘Geordie Magic’ pilot recruited double the number of contacts than usual street fundraising.

Read more here.

comic relief

We worked with Comic Relief to design and build their most downloaded app to date.
With over 100,000 downloads
Britain’s Biggest Fart App is a text based game which enables you to make a friends phone fart (whilst making an SMS donation to Comic Relief).
This gamified approach to giving for younger fundraisers hit its target and over 40% were first time fundraisers.Read more here.



We conducted deep user research with nurses, parents and their families to help the senior management team at Bliss build a current picture of the needs of their users, the journey of a premature parent and where they use digital technologies.

This was used to develop a next generation holistic digital strategy built around the needs and wants of parents of premature babies.

Read more here.


We helped Mencap save substantial amounts of money following a review of current and planned work in schools.

We conducted research with teachers, students and parents to develop recommendations for change.

Read more here.

Other charities we have worked with

  • avon
  • conserations
  • stmartins
  • gamblingconcern
  • hernehill
  • animalsasia
  • marysmeals
  • citizenfound
  • glad
  • mapaction
  • apps
  • buttle
  • magicme
  • mrc
  • foodcycle

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