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The GivingLab mentorship program targets the hack day winners, as well as other teams that found an idea and mentor they wish to continue with. Mentors will provide mentoring during the hack days as well as to the extended part, when mentors can help by providing mentoring for the teams after the Hack Days aiming to get a hack day idea launched.
The mentors are assigned for the winning teams, for other teams that find a mentor where mutual collaboration is established from both parties, we recommend the following steps. Simply meeting up at a local pub or cafe and going over the following 3 steps:
  1. Meeting one: Mentor helps group creating a road map and assign roles and responsibilities as well as milestones after the hack days. (ca:1 hour)
  2. Follow up meeting, check milestones, whats done and whats next to be done. Check and note any changes from plan. (ca:1 hour)
  3. Finalizing stage, what needs to be done before app can be pushed to the app store/launch. (ca:1 hour)

Matt Cynnamon, Regional Director for the UK and Germany at General  Matt Cynamon is the London Programming Producer forGeneral Assembly. Born in America, Matt arrived in the UK at the start of the year to set up General Assembly’s first campus outside of the US. He’s a serial startup founder with experience in the philanthropy sector he once held the world record for the most Beatles songs named in 30 second.

Craig Hogan (Dev4Good)
Craig does all the complicated  techie stuff the rest of us just pretend to understand. He started out as a Systems Engineer/Trainer for a Computer College in 2002. Two years later he took over as IT manager for the college and its parent company. In 2006, Craig started his own web consultancy company specialising in web-based  technologies, specifically Content Management Systems running on Microsoft  systems which he built up to have a client base full of household names. Craig also runs a charity-based community, Dev4good which organises weekend lock-in events to bring developers and designers together to work on charity based projects.

Amy Whitney (Dev4Good, @amosie) is an interaction designer currently working on where she is helping transform the way that Government Digital Services work. Before then she was working agency side designing Win 8, native and web applications for the likes of Vodafone and 02.

PhD Itxaso del Palacio Itxaso del Palacio Aguirre, PhD, teaches entrepreneurship at UCL; is the co-founder ofFounders Fit; and is an investment analyst at EC1 Capital. She is passionate for mentoring and supporting entrepreneurs while setting up their own companies. She has worked with entrepreneurs in Spain, Silicon Valley and the UK.

Vedavalli Kanala (ThoughtWorks) Veda works as a lead consultant at Thoughtworks, across diverse technologies and domains. Her passion is to build software that has an impact directly on making people lives better using technology, she loves solving real world problems.

Jill Irving (ThoughtWorks)

Jaz Signh (CTO The GivingLAB @jaskaran78) Jaz is the designer of the new API, and also the CTO of the Giving Lab.

 Jill Irving @jillisfab
Jill has many years experience leading web UI design and development teams building websites, and mobile apps. She is passionate about new technology and developing strategies for mobile.
She uses techniques from areas such as collaborative design, lean startup and design thinking, to help teams innovate with complex problems. Jill believes that success means finding the balance between technical, creative, and user experience, and is all the better if aimed at solving problems for social good.

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