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People love music, most people love parties and some people love karaoke. Could music events engage and inspire the next generation of 18-40 fundraisers?

We created our own micro-music festival to find out. More here. We also tested whether you could create an online music festival with Google Hangout. More here.

We wanted to know what music events inspire the next generation of fundraisers.

We asked survey company Populus to survey 1000 adults aged 18-40 across the UK in the target audience, which type of event (if any) they were likely to organise.


The results were clear.

Fancy dress beats music festivals hands down.

We suspect this is a mix of the hassle factor in organising music festivals and the participatory fun of fancy dress.

Time to get the comedy wigs out (for charity).

If you’d like help to create a brand new music fundraising event, or want help with digital strategy email us:

* The exact statements used in the test were:
THEMED PARTY in your house where people could dress up if they like and bring themed food
Creating a MINI MUSIC FESTIVAL where you invite several bands or DJ’s to play in your house, garden or nearby venue
Holding a KAREOKE PARTY in your house and asking your friends to make a modest donation to your favourite charity
Holding a PARTY WITH A PERFORMANCE, where one singer, someone who plays an instrument plays for some part of your party
NONE – I would not consider any of these

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