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We’ve been doing a lot of work in schools. Find out how students use technology here or 7 things you need to know about fundraising in schools here.

We’re also interested in what rewards it would would take to get teenage students to start a giving habit and save £1 a week for a whole term for a cause they cared about.

We asked 250 secondary students in 10 schools about the idea of a weekly giving club.

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Let’s talk about the rewards …

We then got to the fun stuff, the rewards you might expect for sustained effort.

We asked what rewards you would most like or dislike in return for your class being asked to save £1 a week for a term.  Group rewards and shared social experiences leapt to the top of the league and divisive prizes which penalised laggards produced noticeable negative reactions.

Motivation Like it a lot or like it a little I don’t like this
Q24 – The whole class goes on a day trip to visit the people helped by the money you raised. 75% 2% 
Q25 – Every student who manages to save £1 a week for a whole term gets a voucher for Amazon to spend how they like. People who don’t reach the target don’t get a voucher 52% 14% 
Q26 – If 90% of the class manage to save £1 a week for the whole term, the school gets £200 to spend on new equipment or books for your classroom. 62% 9% 
Q27 –  Some students decide to save more than £1 per week and the 5 students raising the most are given tickets to a music concert at Wembley. 73% 10%
Q28 – If 90% of the class manage to save £1 a week for the whole term the class teacher is given a reward worth £30. 59% 16%
Q29 – Every student who saves £1 every week for a whole term wins a ticket to a concert and a free ticket to take a friend. People who don’t reach their target don’t get a voucher. 69% 15%
Q30 – If all of your class manage to donate something, at the end of term the whole class is given a tray of Krispy Kreme to share. 61% 5%

Want to know students use tech? Read here.

Here’s 7 things you should know about schools fundraising.

If your charity is thinking about developing a new strategy or fundraising product for schools and would like help with researching, developing or testing it get in touch:

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