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We’ve worked with over 250 students, teachers and parents recently to understand fundraising in secondary schools, how it works and where digital fits in.

…  if you’re thinking about school fundraisng, here’s 7 things you need to know

  • Schools raise an average of £350-400 per event
  • Schools run an average of 2-3 fundraising events a year.
  • Teachers decide which charities to support – they decide whether schools do charity events and if so what, how and when.. (And parents didn’t have much or any say in the choice of charity a school raised money for in the majorityof cases)
  • Teachers prefer paper. The majority still prefer paper communications, but with a minority (of younger) teachers starting to prefer email communications
  • The majority of fundraising events are fun breaks from the educational curriculum, 78% of activities happen outside of lesson time and are dominated by fun events (non-uniform days, cake sales).
  • Non-digital methods of giving dominate – 25% of income was collected digitally in our ‘digital’ schools experiment and 75% was good old fashioned cash which went to the school bursar. Parents and students are wary of giving online and by mobile. Teachers and parents prefer cash to hand in at registration as it is simpler and quicker.
  • It’s a competitive marketplace with every major charity, many local charities and others competiting for schools attention. Comic Relief and Children in Need dominate schools fundraising activities.

Want to know students use technology? Read more here.

Want to know what rewards motivate students? Read more here.

If your charity is thinking about developing a new strategy or fundraising product for schools and would like help with researching, developing or testing it get in touch:

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