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Try a little Geordie Magic

Innovation is in our DNA, so when The Children’s Society and NESTA asked if we’d like to collaborate with them on different ways to engage givers we leapt at the chance..

We had little idea, 6 months later we’d be wrestling with how to make people vanish, thermal ‘magic’ ink, working out council permissions for ‘text magic’ ready to launch Geordie Magic.

You can find out how the trick is done here.

Over 400 young people runaway or vanish in Newcastle each year, that’s why The Children’s Society run a brilliant local project called SCARPA to support them. To provide a listening ear, provide a safe place and support young people to consider risk and family support to help change things at home.

childrens soc - geordie magic photo 1

Geordie magic tests transparency, showcasing local spending, the difference made locally and a locally themed campaign. We want to make thing vanish and bring a bit of Geordie Magic to the streets, to workplaces, to social media and in direct mail to delight and engage people and encourage them to support SCARPA and The Children’s Society.

And find out later this autumn who won – magicians or chuggers.

*Chuggers is the (often derogatory) term for street fundraisers.

If your charity wants to understand givers better or a weave a little innovation magic over your next integrated marketing campaign give us a call on 0844 324 6010. Or email

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