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Created by TheGivingLab team, SeeTheDifference was a pioneering UK crowdfunding site which aimed to bring transparency to giving. Find out how it started here.

SeeTheDifference launched over 120 projects on everything from finding a cheetah a home, to bee keeping in Ethiopia to funding village entrepreneurs in India to buying washing machines for some of the poorest families in Britain.

We wanted to know which stories would motivate people to give.

Check out 3 of our favourites:

Refurbishing UK bikes to send to Africa …

The legendary Christopher Biggins on a rubbish dump in India …

The difference a cooker makes …

And the winner is …

After 100,000 visitors had voted with their clicks and credit cards …

There was a clear pattern.

10% of the projects got 90% of the cash.

The top fundraisers were good stories.

But not all good stories cleaned up.

So what made a successful online  fundraising story on SeeTheDifference?

5 Tips for Online Fundraising Success Stories

  1. Tell me something I don’t know. We’re used to gloom and doom in charity comms and they’re easy to avoid online. We’re pleased to report upbeat projects from getting nana’s pissed in care homes, footy pitches and recycled bikes all scored hits.
  2. Tell me quickly. If you can’t explain it in a sentence you’re toast online. The best films were 60-90 seconds. Films over 2 minutes just didn’t get watched. Period as they say stateside.
  3. Am I buying that? Does what you’re telling me make sense, resonate and do I think it’s good value? Hesitation is deadly online. Projects which couldn’t explain the need, or seemed unreasonably expensive (£7k for an art project for 15 older people, telephone support at £50 a call all failed the ‘common sense’ test in research groups).
  4. I want my difference to count. The strongest projects captured peoples imagination and were modestly priced; £5 to recycle a UK bike to Africa, £7 to give a child in Malawi lunch every day for a year, £10 to provide sherry for a Nana’s cocktail party in a care home. Online giving is more fun when it’s feels like shopping ….
  5. Create a crowd – getting the first donations is always the hard part. Human’s are social and most of us don’t like going first and standing out. Seeing other people commenting, sharing and donating gave people confidence to give.

If your charity needs help with telling it’s story effectively we can help with options from one day training workshops to creating  innovative large scale integrated marketing campaigns. Email us:

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