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‘I built this to get developers up and running more quickly so they can focus on the actual idea rather than working on the infrastructure’
As part of the ReHack at Seren a few weeks ago I’ve worked on Give As You Go, a mobile app skeleton doing the heavy lifiting for anyone wanting to a build mobile app using TheGivingLab API. It comes with authentication, sign up and sign in out of the box and supports:

* Sign up with name, email and password

* Sign up via facebook

* Sign in with email and password

* Sign in via facebook

* Show the users profile

* HTML5 local storage for persistent sessions across app restart

You can find it listed on the API page.

Launch your mobile browser for a live demo . This is how my user profile looks like on my Android phone:


Detailed instructions how to get it deployed on the web in a few minutes can be found in the README.

Please fork away and report any bugs or issues!


Florian is a postgrad researcher in computational science at Imperial College London and an open source and open data enthusiast, developer and contributor. He is also an actitive member of the London tech community and has participated in numerous hackathons and won several prizes for his hacks, including a Google Interactivism Award 2011 and we’re proud to count him amongst our TheGivingLab award winners too.

Follow him on twitter @frathgeber


TheGivingLab’s hackweekend innovation programme is designed to support developers, entrepreneurs and charities to create new fundraising ideas, or products and experiences which generate income for good causes. It’s supported by Nominet Trust and NESTA.

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