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CrashBat App screen shots

At the end of January 2013 we hosted a Re-Hack to finish of projects that still needed som polish and TLC to get launched. Three ut of six projects were launched, have a look!

CrashBat (LaunchedCrashbat)
An Android arkanoid/brick breaker game clone. Create you own levels, challenge a friend. If they fail then they donate to a charity of your choice. Formerly known as BattleBreak.
Team: Jonathan Lloyd, Anna Huckbe, Lavelle Hurley, Niharika Haran.

Giving as You Go (Lanched)
A mobile app skeleton that comes with a complete authentication workflow with The Giving Lab API out of the box. Supports sign in and sign up both via Facebook and using email/password. Built using spine.js mobile and open source on GitHub. Ready to deploy and extend, only Facebook app ID and GivingLab API key is required. Team: Florian Rathgeber

Date & Donate (not launched yet)
A speed dating app the allows event creators to charge a donation fee that goes to charity. Participants can notify who they liked at the event and if likes match an intor mail is sent to both parties. Team: Amy Whitney, Nikita Thakarar, Jas Singh, Heidi Harman (UI/UX).

SnitchTweet (not launched)
Ever wanted to give up smoking / chocolate / alcohol only to lapse at first temptation? Get your friends to SnitchTweet you when you fall off the wagon. Donate a fine charity and improve your chances of meeting your goal. SnitchTweet: for everyone’s good. Team: Mark Dessain, Rochelle Dancel, Nicki Marshall

Open Doors
For organisations to arrange tours for members of the public for a donation to their chosen chairty. Team: Hannah Williams Walton

Virtual Pets (Not Launched)
Virtual tamagochi for charity.
Team: Satu(-Maria) Jokinen

The prizes were sponsored by our beloved sponsors ThoughtWorks!


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