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The Giving Lab can now say that the The Giving Lab API’s are ready for action – and our first applications are starting to go live.
You can see some of the ideas from our hackdays planning to use these api’s HERE


In order to use the API you will need an API Key to authenticate your application. The API Key can be obtained by signing up here.


The API allows developers to search our database of charities and return information about it as well as make donations to the charity.


Groups are a way of aggregating fundraising activity across institutions such as your work place, schools, sports clubs and other informal groups such as your friends. There are 2 types of group based fundraising supported by

  1. Group Activities – this is people fundraising as part of a group as you may do for work place giving or for your school.
  2. Giving Clubs – this is a new way of being able to raise money for charity by paying a fixed amount monthly (for a specified period of time) as part of a group of people to reach a larger target.


Our Events API methods allow your apps to be able to retrieve information about specific fundraising events being run by a user or group. The event will include details about the charity and the donations made via the event.


Similar to groups, you can search for users and get details of their public profile and events. You can also use the API to create apps that allow users to create a profile with (using Facebook Connect) as well as allowing them to sign into their existing profile and view / update any of their events.

Donate allows you to build donation apps for single credit / debit card donations, paypal donations, direct debit donations and SMS donations, we can also release apps via the App Store and Google Play and make sure the money goes to your intended charity. Donations are processed by our payment providers and users will be directed to those payment pages via a browser.

Full details HERE

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