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Heidi and I went in search of ideas to the smart, and creative students of
Ravensbourne College. They’d asked us to their awesomely modern campus next to the O2 to talk about enterprise and creativity.

We shared our thoughts on innovation, how to be creative, break the rules and generally don’t be scared of failure if you want to break new ground.

Whilst we were there, we wanted to see what creativity could come out of 10 minutes and 80 students. You can see the results for yourself.

We asked people to suggest one new way of fundraising for charities (and you may spot a naked (lots had “do it naked” added), drinking, foody theme here).

Then we also asked students to suggest one new experience, app, problem they’d like to solve and it got somewhat more poetic and diverse.

We were so taken with the range of ideas and imagination we’ve invited all of them to our November hackday at Google Campus to turn some of them into reality – and offered £1000 to the first app to make it to market and generate revenue for charity.

If you’re a designer, developer, entrepreneur or sales person and you’d like help getting an idea off the ground, we’d love you to join us too.
Nov 24+25th #HolidayHack with Dev4Good at GoogleCampus.

Eventbrite - TheGivingLAB - Hackdays 24+25th of November

Suggest A New Fundraising Idea …
• How many mince pies can people eat in 5 minutes without being sick?
• Biggest group hug. “everyone hugs someone at the same time.”
• Skimpy car wash

2012.10.17 Rewritten from paper. Numbered by Heidi Harman

• Get Your Hair Cut by A Friend
• Grow Your Hair for 3 Months
• Zombie Take Over of London
• Worlds Largest Baguette battle
• Pogo Stick Marathon (naked if summer)
• Fastest non-stop speaker
• Blind bowling
• Giant bouncy ball assault course (wearing swimwear and an afro-wig)
• Man vs Food kinda thing
• Sponsored chicken race or egg lay
• Skiing in speedos
• Sleeping contests
• Big Sleep Over
• Most hot sauce eaten in a certain amount of time
• Worlds highest party
• Selling myself for sex
• “In an instant” everyone in the same country to give money at the same time.
• Notting Hill Sack race, Follow me, or Pig Race (Bet on the pigs). Pigs
wearing bandanas
• Poodle shaving race (could be any dog – shouldn’t discriminate) Glue poodle
fur to people.
• Crap face painting
• hiring out a whole street or small town for events. All people who live there,
leave for a day or two.
• National everyone wear a dog cone on your head day
• Worlds quickest animation fest
• Tourettes fundraising – people yet sponsorship for swearing exessively for a
whole day.

New Products (edited by Dominic)
• An anxiety breathing control app
• Healthfood planner
• Lecture/Courses I can take out of college app (eg. Adobe, MediaPro, SXSW
and TheGivingLab hackdays)
• Student centric social networking app
• Hotel app for students
• A global party film – everyone contributes themselves and their skills for a
day to make a film
• Weird food finding event, challenges to reach the food, having to climb ropes, hidden food, and got to find it.

• All in one dream tunes
• Bar fully connected with social media to break barriers
• Colour grey structures
• A room that emulates the light on your eyelids when you are traveling in a car
with your eyes shut. Not driving obviously.
• An app that adjusts the way i drive. telling me how to drive better using
location, sat nav tech. Records MPG driving tips.
• Want: Memory visualizes – it could erase all bad memories.
an installation involving millions of helium balloons in the turbine hall.
• An app that tells me wether something good/bad is going to happen. Fortune
telling app
• the helmet that allows you to simulate yourself virtually into a Video game.
a series of web comics that educates astrology or philosophy and can work
on any interactive platform.
• Communal Bubble gum sharing to create a sphere of shared gum.
• An app that takes data about your commute and reminds you to take a
brollie/ waterproof if rain is predicted at the time of your travel.
• An app that allows you to change the color of walls from creating and
danging a picture you’ve taken so you know what it would look like. Ad lots of
different products.
• Wanted: time locker to eliminate the locker hogging.
• DAY OUT APP: an app for meeting people in london, put in your interests are
and what days you are free. The app then plans a day out for you and other
people with some free day.
• a live webcasting service of gigs that people dont attend.
• App speaking to you when you have an event in your calender.
• Speak into a phone and it types what you say on to a social media site.

Next upcoming hackthon!
Nov 24+25th #HolidayHack with Dev4Good at GoogleCampus.

Eventbrite - TheGivingLAB - Hackdays 24+25th of November


Also have a look at some of the other ideas from the latest Hackthon.

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