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The Windows 8 Code Weekend with Microsoft took place at Seren in collaboration with Dev4Good during the weekend 8-9th September. Gathering 40 developers, UX/UI designers and idea-makers who collaborated on finding new ways of giving to charities, while looking closer at Windows 8.

We were thrilled and happy to see so many teams using SeeTheDifference and TheGivingLabs API‘s as well as Givey. Here are a few of the projects made this weekend.

Built on the SeeTheDifference /TheGivingLabs API

  • “Snack for Good” send the value of your resisted snacks and coffee to Charity.
  • “Pick me up” is a location based app to highlight stuff people are throwing out in your immediate vicinity.
  • “Charity Chase” is a four-square style game between two players wagering a charity bet.
  •  “Battlebreak”, a mobile 2 player game, where losing triggers a charity payment + includes the chance to customise your level design.

Built on the Givey API

  • The first invites your friends to “snitch” on you when you break the diet and trigger a charity donation.

We’d love ideas for themes you’d be interested in exploring around creating new products, experiences and services which might generate revenue for good causes. We aim to create new ways of giving, so we need you to start thinking in new ways about transactions and how we can enable people to give in new ways.
TheGivingLab has 3 more hack days coming up this autumn, here are the confirmed ones:

  • TheGivingLab Charity Hack days with GirlgeekMeetUp for female designers, techies and entrepreneurs at General Assembly. Mark 13+14th of October in you calendar.
  • TheGivingLab Charity Hack days at GoogleCampus on the 24+25th of November.

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